Holistic Nutrition & Live Cell Microscopy


Woman Serving Kale SaladI’m a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP for short), graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  I decided to learn more about nutrition so that I could do all I could do to live a long and vitally healthy life.  I’m a mom to two young kids, and I plan to be around for them for a LONG time!!

I have seen the power of the foods we choose to eat and their ability to make amazing changes in everyday life.  I believe that our emotions and stresses can make us or keep us sick, and I know that my potential clients are WAY more than a collection of “symptoms”.  I love talking about food and nutrition, and I’m excited to have a venue where I can do just that.


normalcells (1)I am a Certified Live Cell Microscopist.   I work with individuals as well as practitioners.  Did you know that patterns in your blood cells can point to nutritional deficiencies, acidity in tissues,  digestive deficiencies, antioxidant status and so much more?  While this is not a diagnostic tool, I use blood cell analysis to help educate my clients about ways to improve their internal terrain, and be proactive and preventive with their health.   For more information about what a consult involves, click here.  If you are a practitioner who would like to add blood cell analysis to your practice, click here for more information.

Thank you for reading!