Fat Bombs are the Bomb

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about the benefits of adding healthy, clean burning fats to their life.  These fats have amazing benefits in the body, including being amazing for the brain, helping with balancing out hormones, cutting down on inflammation, and regulating weight.  Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter (or manna), Cocoa or Cacao Butter, Grassfed Ghee, Avocado, Avocado Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are all easy to find and use, and all are heart healthy, clean oils that your body loves.

Along with adding these beautiful fats to your life, reducing simple carbs is a part of the picture.  Breads of any kind and processed stuff with lots of added sugar come to mind.  People often ask about snacking when we talk about going to a more ketogenic type diet (high fat, low carb).  Finding a satisfying high fat low carb snack is easy, and delicious.  I’ve been making fat bombs for a while now, and this is my favorite recipe.  I used peanut butter but if you are avoiding peanuts (peanuts are actually legumes and are a high mold food… really it is best to avoid, but PB is SO good!!) use almond butter – equally delicious and better for you.  Be sure that whatever nut butter you use in this recipe, that you are choosing organic with no extra ingredients like sugar, salt or added oils.



  • 1 cup organic nut butter (ingredients should just be the nuts)
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 4 oz raw cacao butter or cocoa butter (I use Organic Traditions brand)
  • 1/2 cup raw cacao powder or cocoa powder
  • 2 squirts of NOW brand dark chocolate stevia liquid

Use a double boiler for this recipe.  In case you don’t know how to do this, just put a pot on the stove with about 1.5″ of water in it.  Put the nut butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter in a metal bowl and sit it on top of the pot. Turn on the pot and once things start to melt, keep an eye on it, giving a stir once in a while.

Once it is melted, turn off the heat and move the bowl to the counter carefully.  Add the cacao or cocoa and whisk gently to incorporate.  Add the stevia, one squirt (not one drop) at a time, checking for your sweetness preference.  I’m not a huge fan of stevia, but I like the chocolate one by NOW.  I do find there is a fine line when I like the flavour and when I find it overwhelming, so consider yourself warned!

I pour the mixture into a large measuring cup so I can pour into molds easily.

IMG_1062Using a silicon mold (before you start, lay it on a cutting board or baking tray so it can be transported easily when full) or lined mini cupcake pan, pour the liquid carefully into the molds.  My molds hold two tablespoons of the liquid each and I get about 30 fat bombs from this recipe.  I’ve done the math and there are 20 grams of fat in each bomb, and 3 grams of carbs.

When the mold is full, carefully transport it to the freezer so that it will set.  Once set, pop them out and store in a airtight container in the freezer.  These are temp sensitive, so if you are bringing them out and about as a snack, keep that in mind.  A ice pack works, or just put them in the fridge when you get to work.  Hasn’t been an issue in the winter, but the summer will complicate things!