Make Your Own Ghee

Have you ever tried ghee?  If you have seen it in your grocery store, the good quality stuff is PRICEY.  Making your own is easy and a lot more affordable.

Ghee made with beautiful unsalted grass fed butter is a clean burning, healthy fat that our bodies love.  You may have heard of clarified butter, which is similar in idea to ghee.  I worked in a kitchen as a university student and we would put a couple pounds of butter in a plastic container, stick it in the microwave and skim off the milk solids that would rise to the top after we basically boiled it.  That isn’t the stuff I’m talking about here.  This is a slow process, a loving process that produces a jar of the most gorgeous yellow, aromatic ghee.

During the melting process (minimum one hour at the lowest temp possible on the stove top), milk solids separate and float to the to

p.  After skimming several times (skim, let it sit, skim, let it sit, repeat til no more solids float up), almost all of the lactose and milk proteins will be gone.  Most people who are sensitive to dairy can well tolerate ghee.  Because these solids are gone, ghee can sit happily on your counter in a jar with a lid.

Ghee is rich in the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.  Ghee made with grass fed high quality butter is rich in omegas as well.   It has a very high smoke point and can be used for sauteeing.  It is a great topping for steamed veggies or a nice piece of grilled steak.  It is also AMAZING in a delicious bulletproof coffee.  I start my day with a coffee blended with 2tbsp of ghee and 2 tbsp of MCT oil.  Filling, nourishing and all around good stuff.

I had fun making this video, my first ever.  Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and enjoy the ghee too!!