What Can Your Blood Cells Tell You About Your Health?

I love sharing blood cell analysis with my nutrition clients.  It is amazing to see the look on someone's face when they see their own blood cells in action! This amazing modality gives us valuable information that helps us better understand underlying health disturbances that can be keeping you unwell. The following article was written … Continue reading What Can Your Blood Cells Tell You About Your Health?

Seriously Great Granola

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with two of my oldest and dearest friends.  There is something so special about hanging out with girlfriends who know you so well.  We caught up over an AMAZING salmon nicoise salad (I will beg her for that recipe next), drank a little too much wine and ended … Continue reading Seriously Great Granola

Bitters for Better Digestion

Bitterness.  The very word conjures up an emotional response.  We use the word bitter or bitterness to describe pain, harshness, or things that are difficult to bear.  Bitter is our least favorite flavour, so much so that it has all but disappeared from our North American dinner tables.  All over the world however, bitterness is … Continue reading Bitters for Better Digestion

Garlic & Ginger Tofu

For those who don't like tofu, I respectfully suggest that you haven't tried THIS tofu.  Tofu is the kind of thing that you need to know how to cook in order to enjoy it.  If you are really trying to like it, there are lots of recipes out there that will make you a quick … Continue reading Garlic & Ginger Tofu

Simple Carrot and Beet Salad

This is another dish that brings back memories of our travel days.  We took a three day ferry ride from Ancona in Italy to Cesme, Turkey.  This wasn't much of a pleasure cruise.  Our cabin was big enough for a sink the size of a brick, a bunk bed and enough floor space for one … Continue reading Simple Carrot and Beet Salad

Kombucha – my newest addiction

Some of my earliest memories growing up involve the many crafting passions of my mom.  There were the stuffed bunnies, the plastic pop bottle butterflies, cake decorating, crocheted doilies, and any number of other hobbies that came and went.  At the height of these passing fancies, the house was littered with the passion of the … Continue reading Kombucha – my newest addiction

The Amazing Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

  Did you know that your skin plays a major role in your body's detoxification?  It does. Did you know that your skin reflects the overall health of your body?  As an emunctory (an organ (as a kidney) or part of the body (as the skin) that carries off body wastes), issues on the inside … Continue reading The Amazing Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Herbal Tea Love

I'm sitting here on a chilly winter day.  Our house has been hit by the common cold, I guess it had to happen sometime! Two of four of us are down for the count with congested sinuses, coughing fits and general overall aches and fatigue.  The other two (I'm happy to be in this camp) are … Continue reading Herbal Tea Love

Making Something from “Nothing”

No doubt we have all been there.  Staring into the fridge, wondering what to make for dinner, wishing that we went for groceries, thinking the fridge looks awfully bare.  I remember groaning "there is NOTHING to make for dinner!" This lovely meal started with a lone package of beautiful Thatcher Farm sausages, found in my … Continue reading Making Something from “Nothing”