Kombucha Workshops

Back in January, I realized that I had been spending $60 – $70 a month on kombucha.  I had been enjoying the health benefits – the great probiotic content and all the benefits that come with increasing probiotic foods.  I asked a friend for a SCOBY and some basic instruction, and since then I have stopped the kombucha spend.  It took me a few months to figure it all out, and now I enjoy sharing all that I have learned with like minded people, in the comfort of my own kitchen. (I have also started taking my Kombucha show on the road, so if you aren’t in the Milton area but have a group of people who are interested, let’s chat).

img_5866-3I’ve been running Kombucha 101 for several months now.  This is a great chance to come and learn how to care for a SCOBY (and learn what a SCOBY is), and brew your own Kombucha.  This course is designed for people new to home brewing.  Classes are 1.5 hours long, and in that time you learn more about this probiotic powerhouse, you meet your new SCOBY and go through your first bottling.  You will leave with the course handout, your SCOBY newly fed with sweetened tea, as well as your very first flavoured kombucha second ferment.  Your investment in the course is only $30.

You will find out about upcoming workshops on my Facebook page.