Nutrition/Blood Cell Consults


If you’re interested in booking a consult or just finding out more, please contact me.   I work from my home office in Milton, or can also see you at the amazing clinic that I work at The Root of Health in Oakville.


microscopeAt our first meeting:  We will start by taking a single drop of blood by poking your finger, and look at it under the microscope.  This single drop of blood gives us a lot of information about your internal terrain.

While blood cell analysis (or live cell microscopy) does not diagnose disease, it gives a cellular level look at your health.  We are looking at imbalances that can either leave you open to disease or keep you ill.  Think of where mosquitos breed… swampy water.  The terrain allows it.  Fresh, oxygenated and free flowing water won’t support them.  It is similar with your blood… there are conditions that can make it easier for you to be ill, and conditions that make it easier for your body to fight disease.

cropped-normalcells-2-1.jpgLive cell microscopy can uncover:

  • fungal indications
  • evidence of parasitic activity at the tissue level
  • digestive disturbances
  • indications of acidity or free radical damage
  • antioxidant status
  • presence of basophils and activity of other WBC
  • toxicity
  • and more…

To find out more about Blood Cell Analysis (also called Live Cell Microscopy), click here.

We will discuss your health history as well as your health priorities.  The first consult will last approximately 75 minutes. You will leave with useful and practical information regarding immediate changes that can be made to your diet, supplementation and lifestyle aimed at better health balance.  These guidelines are targeted to YOU.  We will work on a protocol that is manageable, easy to follow and effective.

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I work as a part of an integrative health team when I’m at The Root of Health.  If your health concerns are particularly complex or longstanding, I will be happy to refer you to one of my naturopathic colleagues.

In follow up consultations, we will review progress, make any necessary changes, and celebrate small and big victories.  Follow ups are 30-45 minutes.  We can also follow up with another blood cell analysis after 6-8 weeks, in order to check for progress.


Grocery Store Tours: Do you find trips to the grocery store overwhelming?  Questioning how you can possibly eat more healthfully on your budget?  Wondering how to make healthier choices for your family?  Health claims and labels are complicated.  I can help you make grocery shopping an easy and enjoyable experience.  Learn to make better choices, read nutrition labels and understand food ingredients.  $90/hour

Food Diary Analysis: This is a good option for people who are short on time, but who could use the advice of a Nutritionist for assessing their current dietary habits.  Send me your 3, 5 or 7 day food diary, and  I will review it and provide specific recommendations based on your goals and lifestyle, sent via email.  No appointment required!   $50 for 3 days, $60 for 5 days, $70 for 7 days

Workshops, Lunch n Learns: These can be customized for your business, or I offer a selection of topics including: Dealing With Inflammation; Immune Building for the Family; Improving Your Digestion; Kombucha brewing.

Will my Health Insurance Benefits cover?  While benefits may not cover my services (though they may – check!), please consider yourself as worth the investment.  Your health is so vitally important!!