Sweet Potato Bacon Hash

  This is too good.  We have been in a bit of a breakfast rut lately in my house.  We've been eliminating eggs for my oldest daughter and it has put me in a breakfast funk.  This morning as I sat down for my 30 minute (glorious) alone time in the morning after lunches are … Continue reading Sweet Potato Bacon Hash

Ah-mazing Baked Pears

Again, I am thinking of Fall.  This was a last minute dessert idea.  My 7 year old daughter loves to be in the kitchen and I find that during the rush of dinner time, I will frequently either decline her offer of help, or give her a non food prep job, like setting the table. … Continue reading Ah-mazing Baked Pears

Paleo Acorn Squash with Ground Beef

Fall is just about here, and I am in Fall mode.  I loved this summer.  Perfect weather for someone who doesn't love it so hot.  The Fall though, has always been my favorite.  Partly because my birthday falls in October, but mostly because I love putting back on my boots, wearing cozy sweaters, and getting … Continue reading Paleo Acorn Squash with Ground Beef

Carrot and Chickpea Tagine

I have mixed memories of our time in Morocco back in 2007.  Morocco was the first "exotic" destination of our round the world adventure.  While I had done a lot of traveling previously, Chris had never been outside of North America when we took off.  Morocco was a place of firsts for us, embarking on … Continue reading Carrot and Chickpea Tagine