Garlic & Ginger Tofu

For those who don't like tofu, I respectfully suggest that you haven't tried THIS tofu.  Tofu is the kind of thing that you need to know how to cook in order to enjoy it.  If you are really trying to like it, there are lots of recipes out there that will make you a quick … Continue reading Garlic & Ginger Tofu

Simple Carrot and Beet Salad

This is another dish that brings back memories of our travel days.  We took a three day ferry ride from Ancona in Italy to Cesme, Turkey.  This wasn't much of a pleasure cruise.  Our cabin was big enough for a sink the size of a brick, a bunk bed and enough floor space for one … Continue reading Simple Carrot and Beet Salad

Overnight Apple Pie Oats

At the risk of overdoing it on breakfast posts, I feel it my duty to post this yummy and easy breakfast idea.  It is apple season in Ontario.  We are so lucky to have apple orchards right next door (I'm talking, like 3 minutes away).  I went a little apple crazy at the market this weekend, … Continue reading Overnight Apple Pie Oats