Herbal Tea Love

I'm sitting here on a chilly winter day.  Our house has been hit by the common cold, I guess it had to happen sometime! Two of four of us are down for the count with congested sinuses, coughing fits and general overall aches and fatigue.  The other two (I'm happy to be in this camp) are … Continue reading Herbal Tea Love

Playing Doctor with Herbs

Herbal remedies are a growing passion of mine.  I feel like I flirted with herbs for a long time before truly jumping in and gaining a better understanding of how amazing they truly are.  I have merely scratched the surface and have a lot to learn.  My herbal medicine class was one of my favorites, introducing me … Continue reading Playing Doctor with Herbs

I am an Adaptogen Convert

I have been waking up in the wee hours of the morning lately to go for a walk.  I leave the house at 5:20 and sometimes meet friends and sometimes I'm on my own.  On the days that I'm walking solo, I have a list of podcasts ready for my alone time.  I've recently been … Continue reading I am an Adaptogen Convert