Seriously Great Granola

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with two of my oldest and dearest friends.  There is something so special about hanging out with girlfriends who know you so well.  We caught up over an AMAZING salmon nicoise salad (I will beg her for that recipe next), drank a little too much wine and ended … Continue reading Seriously Great Granola

Fibre Rich Soaked Oats for Breakfast

 I have long been a fan of oats.  This was a new idea to me, and it ticked off so many of my "must haves" that it was an instant winner!  It is delicious, nutritious, satisfying, easy, inexpensive and portable. I use steel cut oats and rolled oats.  Steel cut oats are oat groats that … Continue reading Fibre Rich Soaked Oats for Breakfast

Life Changing Crackers

This is one of my favorites.  These Life Changing Crackers are inspired by the amazing recipe from My New Roots.  If you have never checked out that site, do yourself a favor!  This is the cracker form of the amazing bread of the same name.  Both are amazing!!!  I have slightly modified the recipe and the … Continue reading Life Changing Crackers