Sweet Potato Bacon Hash

  This is too good.  We have been in a bit of a breakfast rut lately in my house.  We've been eliminating eggs for my oldest daughter and it has put me in a breakfast funk.  This morning as I sat down for my 30 minute (glorious) alone time in the morning after lunches are … Continue reading Sweet Potato Bacon Hash

Paleo Stuffing… This Stuff is SO good!!

I am always on the lookout for ideas to keep grains out of my life.  In September I reduced and eventually completely cut grains - since doing so I can really see that my body holds on to inflammation that I link with grain and/or legume intake.  When I have cheated (we made gingerbread cookies … Continue reading Paleo Stuffing… This Stuff is SO good!!

Making Something from “Nothing”

No doubt we have all been there.  Staring into the fridge, wondering what to make for dinner, wishing that we went for groceries, thinking the fridge looks awfully bare.  I remember groaning "there is NOTHING to make for dinner!" This lovely meal started with a lone package of beautiful Thatcher Farm sausages, found in my … Continue reading Making Something from “Nothing”